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How do I find the year of my VEHICLE?

The year of your car can be ascertained in two ways:


The 10th digit from the left of the VIN of the vehicle gives the production year in code. To see a list of the vehicle codes, click here.


There is usually a sticker or plate that can be found by opening the driver's door of the vehicle. The sticker or plate will provide the production date, VIN and other information.


How can I tell if I have anti-lock brakes?

  The easiest way to tell if you have anti-lock brakes is to look under the vehicle, behind the wheels. Are there any wires leading to sensors on the spindle? If there are - you have ABS.  
  The second way to tell if you have ABS is to open the hood and look at the master cylinder. Follow the brake fluid lines and see if they lead to a large ABS pump unit. This unit will have multiple brake lines leading to and from along with electronic plug-ins.  
  The final way to tell if you have ABS is to look at the instrument cluster or the brake pedal itself. Most vehicles will have an ABS light on the instrument cluster or the initials ABS stamped on the brake pedal if so equipped.  

What size rim do I have on my vehicle?

  The diameter of the rim you need can be found by looking at the tire size stamped directly on the sidewall of the tire. For example: A 235/75/15 tire is a 15 inch tire as noted by the last set of digits in the tire size. This means you would need a 15 inch rim.  

what ratio axle do i have?

Axle ratios must match on a 4x4 vehicle, or serious drivetrain damage may occur. Many manufacturers attach a metal tag with the axle ratio on it. An example would be a tag with 3.73 or 3 73 stamped on it. This means that the axle has a 3.73 ratio.

If no tag is available, and you have a GM vehicle, you may be able to take advantage of an option code sticker. This is a 2.5 x 3.5 inch sticker that is usually located in the glovebox or on the cardboard spare tire cover in the trunk. This sticker has GM codes in alphabetical order which relate to the options of the vehicle. The "G" codes tell us what ratio axle your vehicle has. Examples of GM ratio codes are GU4, GU6, GT4, etc.


What size motor do i have?
  The size of your motor can be found on a sticker under the hood of the vehicle (usually close to the hood latch). The engine size will normally be displayed in liters of displacement. For example: If you see 4.0L, this means that you have a 4 liter displacement motor.  

how can i tell if my power sideview mirror is heated or not?
  Virtually all heated mirrors used today are marked with three vertical "squiggle" lines representing heat. If your mirror doesn't have this mark, chance are your mirror is not heated.  


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